Technology for Trial

From discovery to verdict to final appeal, BlumPro provides customized preparation and presentation of evidentiary and graphic material at trial and other dispute resolution proceedings. Utilizing both technology as well as traditional methods, BlumPro is able to assist attorneys and legal staff with the current demands required in today’s modern litigation.

Technologist / Hot-seat Trail Tech

Our Trial Technologist will be at your side from day one of witness rehearsals to the closing arguments. We always provide two identical laptops and hard drives, so nothing is left to chance.

Exhibit Databases Creation

Using trial presentation systems like TrialDirector, we can create a centralized database of your case files. We can use your load files, PDFs, or scan your exhibits if digital copies are not available.

Courtroom Preparation

Following the survey, we will present our plan, outlining all equipment necessary for an optimum presentation. We will also work with opposing counsel in order to arrange an agreement to share the costs.

Courtroom Survey

We will begin by investigating the courtroom itself, conducting an “on site” inspection in order to know what equipment best suits your needs and what is required.

Deposition Video Management

The video components of TrialDirector allow us to make designations (clips), play back video with scrolling text, and create reports showing designation times with great expediency.

Scanning and Printing

For cases that do not provide exhibits in digital formats with load files, we can offer to do the scanning for you. We can also handle large format documents, high resolution color scans, image tiling, document restoration.

War Room Preparation

We work with your trial team to set up witness preparation areas and ensure that your war room space will enable you to work effectively with witnesses and in preparing for trial.

Presentation Consulting

Anyone can learn how to run software. The difficult part of being a great trial technician is an ability to stay cool under the pressures of trial, quickly troubleshoot issues, and have the technology operate seamless with your case.

Put our experience to work on your next case.