Courtroom Presentation & Trial Graphics
For over a decade, I've prepared evidence and visuals to be presented in the course of litigation, often at trial, with the goal of making a memorable impression on judges, jurors, and other decision-makers.

I’ve seen the inside of courtrooms across the U.S., pulled my share of all-nighters, and fashioned countless graphics and Power Points into perfection. Its a profession that goes by many names; courtroom technology consultant, trial graphics consultant, hot-seat operator, trial-tech, or my new favorite from a recent trial, “exhibit ninja.” Regardless of title, my primary objective is always the same – help the client win. And while I can’t do any real ninja moves, I can ensure that your presentation will be both fast and reliable.

My name is Jonah Blum,
owner at BlumPro.
In-Court Presentations
2 Seconds or Less. Period.

That's as long as it should take for your exhibit or video to hit the screen. Electronic evidence presentation is about more than learning how to push buttons and run the software. Great trial-techs understand that preparation is the key to a fast, accurate, and reliable presentation. BlumPro can scale its resources to accommodate anything from a few hours of video playback to a multi-week trial or ADR event.


Preparation isn’t just important – it’s paramount. Our unique method of preparation cuts the cost of prepping for trial while ensuring your evidence, and other visuals display in 2 seconds or less.


We are experts at utilizing technology to develop and deliver visuals in the courtroom. BlumPro provides a wide range of custom solutions to accommodate your unique needs and budget. 


Visuals help jurors understand, believe, and remember hours, days or even weeks later.  Today’s jurors not only appreciate well-developed visuals but have come to expect it. 

Visuals for Litigation
Research shows us that well-designed visuals help the jury (and others) understand, believe, and remember your message.

Attorneys and their experts utilize BlumPro for their visual communication needs, from tweaking that PowerPoint presentation for an important mediation to creating complex multi-camera 3D animations.

BlumPro measures success by the loyalty and satisfaction of its clients.

Let me show you a better way.
I am enthusiastic about sharing what I do with others.
Allow me to show you and your trial team a better, faster, more cost-effective way to present.